Arbor Networks updates network-wide infrastructure security and traffic-monitoring platform

Arbor Networks unveiled version 5.0 of Arbor Peakflow SP, the network-wide infrastructure security and traffic-monitoring platform. The new Peakflow SP 5500 device nearly doubles the performance and scalability of the previous version. Peakflow SP 5.0 will be generally available on June 1.

Peakflow SP now includes ATLAS-enabled fingerprint creation, alerting and mitigation; deeper visibility into the performance and security of business critical applications; and enhanced reporting capabilities that allow service providers to analyze traffic to and from peers, by markets and by geography.

One of the main traditional value propositions of Peakflow SP is its ability to conduct robust peering/transit analysis. Peakflow SP 5.0 enhances this functionality by delivering new features that allow providers to gain deeper visibility into the traffic that enters and leaves their network. This is essential for proper network engineering, cost optimization and security, and it also enables the potential to uncover new service opportunities. Key features include:

  • On-Demand Packet Analysis – Providers gain deeper visibility into the network and traffic for troubleshooting, fault prevention, performance monitoring and security forensics.
  • Global Geography Reports – Analyze peering traffic by geography, market, most used services and threat activity.
  • Expanded Transit Peering Reports – Gain a better understanding as to where their customer traffic is destined beyond initial peers.

With the 5.0 release, the fully integrated Peakflow SP Threat Management System (TMS) device now provides application/service layer visibility, threat detection and mitigation, allowing service providers to improve service visibility, monitor key performance metrics and protect services from threats via new functionality.

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