Lumeta adopts open standard to publish real-time alerts

Lumeta announced its IF-MAP client which provides real-time scanning event information from IPsonar. IT managers can create their own custom administrative and scanning configuration policies, using IPsonar to send immediate alerts on items of interest or concern to an IF-MAP supporting server so they can be remediated quickly.

IF-MAP, a protocol released last year by the Trusted Computing Group’s Trusted Network Connect (TNC) Work Group, allows a variety of security and network tools to communicate about network devices, their state and their activities. IF-MAP aggregates real-time information from a variety of sources into one coordinated standard. TNC’s IF-MAP allows for information sharing across disparate security platforms, reducing cost and complexity, while hardening security.

IPsonar provides global network visibility, discovering every device across the network, including non-traditional IP-enabled devices, as well as those not currently under management. Lumeta’s Open API’s support integration though a variety of means, however the company has also been a vocal supporter and adopter of the TNC’s vendor-neutral open standard for integrated security systems.

Through the IPsonar IF-MAP client, network and security management can gain visibility into all networked devices and how connectivity flows between them. This critical information is vital to the success of activities such as cybersecurity programs, mergers and acquisitions, data center consolidation, asset & change management, compliance, and large network transformations and technology rollouts.

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