IdentityRisk: A proactive identity protection solution

IdentityTruth introduced a new service – identityRisk Report – to enable businesses to provide their customers, users, and employees with a proactive identity protection solution.

The identityRisk Report provides a qualitative and quantitative measurement of a specific individual’s identity health based on actual identity events, not generic consumer demographics. It identifies and predicts those suspicious events specific to an individual’s identity which could have an adverse impact.

The identityRisk Report also includes an assessment of that person’s overall identity risk. The identityRisk Report incorporates IdentityTruth’s Fraud Probability Score, which provides an indication of how serious a specific reported event is, and how likely the reported event is real fraud.

IdentityTruth’s Faster than Fraud technology combines data from multiple sources – going beyond simple credit-based protection to deliver a more comprehensive picture of an individual’s identity risk.

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