1Password 2.9.16 is now available

1Password takes care of all your online passwords so you can use strong and unique passwords for every site and never forget any of them.

Version 2.9.16 contains a new WiFi Sync feature that makes it both easier and even more secure for iPhone and iPod touch owners to bring their personal data on-the-go. The new sync feature solves firewall conflicts and provides manual workarounds for several issues that may arise.

The new version allows users to unlock their Agile Keychain from the command line. Further, an improvement to 1Password’s auto-update feature prevents user data from being accidentally deleted by application uninstallation utilities.

Complete changelog

  • Added new Wi-Fi sync implementation (Sync > Sync using Wi-Fi) to work with 1Password touch 2.0. You can continue to use the Sync > Sync to iPhone menu item for the current version of 1Password touch until 2.0 appears in the App Store.
  • Added Wi-Fi Sync Conflict Resolver window to easily identify and resolve conflicts when they arise.
  • Added 1Password.app/Contents/Executables/lock1p utility to lock Agile Keychain from the command line. This is very useful for locking the keychain using ‘launcher’ applications like QuickSilver and LaunchBar.
  • Updated diagnostics to better troubleshoot 1PasswordAgent-related issues.
  • Simplified Unlock Keychain window in the browsers.
  • Now showing application help in the web browser instead of using Apple Help.
  • Changed Auto-Update to move the old copy of 1Password.app to /tmp folder instead of moving it to Trash to save 1Password data from being deleted by ‘cleaner’ utilities like AppTrap and CleanApp.
  • Made sure ruby executable is installed in the system before running the import scripts.
  • Made sure the database backups running in the background do not block the 1Password application and the browsers.
  • Reorganized the list of countries shown in the identities to show most popular countries at the top.
  • Improved credit card and identity filling.
  • Improved import from AppShelf and Password Wallet.
  • Fixed problem with displaying item title in the detail view.
  • Fixed problem with adding new Wallet Items on 10.4 Tiger.
  • Fixed problem with export to encrypted HTML when passwords or username contained certain special characters.
  • Now correctly handling syncing with re-authorized iPhone to prevent incorrect sync conflicts.
  • Fixed problem preventing Date fields from being displayed in Wallet items detail view.
  • Fixed problem with automatic backups when the backup folder path had special characters.
  • Fixed minor issues in Check for Updates window.

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