New version of employee monitoring tool

3ami released Monitoring & Audit System (MAS) v7, which enables businesses to monitor and audit employee usage of USB devices on company computers. MAS captures and securely stores a record of all user activity on every application, including email, word processing, spreadsheet applications, instant messaging and online.

The monitoring capability of MAS has been extended in version seven to prevent employees from downloading confidential company files onto personal USB sticks and removing them from the premises without permission.

With MAS, organizations can ensure only authorized employees use official USB memory sticks, which can be encrypted with biometric fingerprint-scanning authentication to ensure that the data on the USB stick cannot be accessed by anyone except its authorized user (a useful feature in the event that the USB stick gets lost).

Each memory stick is audited so that leaks and losses can be traced back to the original culprit. Certain users can be restricted so that no USB devices will work for them, and certain users can be authorized to use any USB storage device on any computer. The software can be used to block all USB storage devices, such as cameras, flash drives, mobile phones and iPods.

MAS enables employers to prevent breaches of confidentiality and to hold individuals accountable for their actions on company computers, hence freeing businesses to create safe and secure digital workplaces for employers and employees alike.

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