Netbook privacy filter from 3M

3M announced a new range of privacy filters specifically designed for the netbook market. New Vikuiti Netbook Filters from 3M, initially available to fit 8.9″ and 10.1″ screen sizes, are an ideal mobile security accessory to help enable on-screen protection of their data in public places.

Vikuiti Netbook Filters have the same flexible, hard-wearing construction as 3M’s existing family of privacy filters for laptop and desktop computers. The patented 3M micro-louvre technology allows an unrestricted front view for the user but restricts others positioned to the side or viewing over their shoulder from seeing what is on the screen. The filters also feature Vikuiti Advanced Light Control Film with abrasion resistance on both sides.

The filters have a simple attachment system via a standard column and tabs or adhesive tabs for netbooks without a bezel. This means that they can remain inside the netbook even when closed, and they can be readily removed and stored when privacy is not required.

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