A closer look at Recover PDF Password for Mac

Recover PDF Password is a Mac tool that recovers forgotten passwords to PDF documents. If the PDF is password-protected, Recover PDF Password will retrieve both “owner” and “user” passwords, even if you cannot remember a single character from the key combination, using brute-force passwords verification.

Starting the software opens a single window:

Starting from the top: the Open PDF lets you choose the file you want to find the password for. The History button opens a text document where you can check all the previously “cracked” documents and their passwords:

The Start Recovery is the button you push to start the recovery process after you define the recovery method and the dictionary options.

There are three recovery method options:

Search by password lenght is best with small passwords. Use the Search by template method if you remember a part of the password, but cannot call up the whole key combination, and the Exhaustive search if you can’t remember the password at all, but you know it’s long and complicated.

The dictionary options let you choose between all the types of letters, digits and symbols that you think might be in the password:

After determining all the options, you can start the recovery:

And then, it’s just a matter of time until the password is recovered (complex and long passwords will, obviously, take longer):

Recover PDF Password is a simple and easy to use tool that can simplify you life.

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