StoneGate IPS-1030 protects against Web attacks inside the SSL tunnel

Stonesoft introduced the new StoneGate IPS-1030 appliance with the unique capability of inspecting encrypted Web traffic inside of the SSL tunnel. This improves the organization’s end-to-end network security by protecting workstations, internal networks, hosts and servers against attacks hidden inside the SSL tunnel. In addition, this capability provides the level of monitoring needed to help ensure compliance with the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Traditionally, organizations have mainly relied on perimeter security enforcement, while encrypted Web traffic has provided a means to bypass the security functions. The StoneGate IPS-1030 appliance is a direct response to this threat. By providing a controlled way to open encryption within the network and to submit the encrypted traffic for the same inspection as clear-text HTTP data, the StoneGate IPS eliminates a blind spot in network protection.

The SSL inspection of traffic helps organizations implement the end-to-end security controls mandated by PCI DSS. Adherence to PCI rules is intended to play a key role in preventing major data thefts.

The StoneGate IPS-1030 utilizes advanced solid-state disk technologies that emphasize reliability and durability. The new appliance uses 50 percent less power compared to similar appliances.

The IPS-1030 introduces the whitelisting of domains, such as for personal online banking services that are excluded from decryption and inspection. This feature can be used when the remote site is a well known trusted site or if legislation requires the exclusion of the site.

Also integrated with the IPS-1030 are the latest advancements to eliminate false positives, patented high availability technologies and transparent (layer-2) firewall capabilities.

With up to 200 Mbps throughput and 6 x Gbps Ethernet network interfaces this is an ideal solution for branch offices and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

The StoneGate Management Center manages the company’s entire suite of Firewall/VPN, IPS and SSL VPN appliances as well as third-party devices.

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