Web and IM Security Gateway for virtualized environments

FaceTime Communications announced that its Unified Security Gateway version 2.2 (USG 2.2) now supports VMWare to enable virtual server deployment.

FaceTime’s USG is a secure Web gateway purpose-built for the new Internet to provide a single point of control to prevent malware, control Web 2.0 applications and manage information leakage in corporate networks.

The new version supports VMWare Server 1.06, 1.07 and 2.0 as well as ESX 3.5. The VMWare implementation allows failover between multiple instances of the USG, providing resiliency without requiring the extra cost of physically redundant appliances.

USG integrates Web 2.0 application detection and control, gateway malware protection and Web filtering with FaceTime’s best-in-class IM hygiene and archiving, in a purpose-built, hardened appliance. With this single point of control, more than 2,100 Web and real-time applications and many thousands of social networking applications can be tracked, monitored and controlled to give organizations complete visibility into all Internet communications, and simplify administration

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