Global identity theft security solution

Using ID Alarm technology organizations worldwide can send security alerts to customers and the public when their personal ID is being used. This provides the earliest possible warning of identity theft. Security alerts arrive in real time via text message or email and explain where, when and what type of ID is being used. All government ID, health cards and credit cards issued globally can be protected.

Identity theft can be prevented if organizations tell people when their ID is used. “For example”, says Grant Edwards, President of ID Alarm, “you could receive a text message that your Social Security Number or Drivers Licence was checked at a bank ten seconds ago. If you are not in the bank or on their website, then you know that identity theft is occurring.” The phone number for the bank is in the alert so you can call and stop the transaction.

To send security alerts, business users simply enter an ID type and number into an online interface. An API is available for high volume users. Any organization, such as government ID issuers, banks, lawyers, tax preparers, hospitals, retailers, utilities, employers, airlines, and more can generate a security alert based on any national, state or provincial ID they are presented. Also supported are public and private health cards and major credit cards. All ID transactions are logged, which makes for a great monitoring and compliance tool.

If the authorized ID holder is not a member, the security alert is saved and delivered when they register; which will eventually reveal any prior identity fraud. Consumers can also flag their ID if lost, stolen or previously used in a fraud. ID Alarm is the first system that allows an ID holder to communicate the current risk of a given piece of their ID.

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