SafeNet iKey and smart cards pairing with bank-issued identity credentials

SafeNet’s iKey 2032i USB token and 330i smart card successfully completed requirements for the IdenTrust Compliant Certification Program. The IdenTrust Rule Set provides a standards-based approach for identity authentication and validation that enables high-assurance identities for multiple regulatory mandates, and provides integrity for electronic transactions, secure e-mail, access control, and document protection.

This certification ensures that SafeNet’s iKey 2032i and 330i smart card support IdenTrust-compliant certificate policy with on-board cryptographic key generation and digital signature/PIN verification, as well as secure storage of key pairs and X.509 digital certificates, to deliver strong authentication capabilities and legally enforceable digital signatures worldwide.

The SafeNet iKey 2032i offers IdenTrust customers increased security by storing the private key on the hardware token in conjunction with a user PIN, which prevents the key from being shared or copied. The tamper-proof token is validated to FIPS 140-1, Level 2, providing high levels of security against loss or theft. The iKey 2032i also provides organizations with a means of creating and validating legally binding electronic documents and online transactions that require non-repudiation. Having the IdenTrust certificate reside on the hardware token allows users to move their credentials easily and securely from one computer to another, providing the convenience of ID mobility.

The 330i smart card provides IdenTrust customers with strong security for processes such as Windows logon, PC encryption, VPN authentication, Web access, digital signatures, document authentication, and e-mail. The 330i supports industry standards, including PKCS #11 and Microsoft CryptoAPI, allowing for seamless integration with applications and products using the IdenTrust Network PKI certificates.

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