Safe Search protection for Bing search engine

Zscaler announced Safe Search for Microsoft Corp.’s newly-released search engine Bing. Safe Search is an important feature for search engines on many counts. The Bing Smart Motion Preview was designed to enable consumers to preview video content before clicking on the video itself, helping them to more easily navigate vast amounts of video content on the Web to find something that best meets their needs. Corporations raised concerns with this feature, as it enabled people to access explicit content without leaving the Bing domain.

Microsoft moved quickly to address this, however Zscaler Safe Search provides businesses with even more flexibility to enable people to use the Bing video preview while enforcing appropriate access policies. Delivery of Safe Search for Bing also illustrates the benefits of SaaS security over traditional appliances. Adding Safe Search for Bing required no software or proxy changes by customers; it was entirely transparent to end-users.

Jay Chaudhry, Zscaler CEO commented:

As popular new Web services emerge, SaaS is the only way to keep up with securing them. Zscaler Safe Search for Bing was something customers asked for, and our SaaS platform enabled us to transparently deliver and implement it within days.

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