Web-based protection against threats posed by mobile devices

CoSoSys releasedMy Endpoint Protector (MyEPP), the first Software-as-a-Service application to deliver Data Loss Prevention and device control “in the cloud”. MyEPP is designed to help companies manage the internal and external security threats created by the broad availability and use of portable data storage devices without overtaxing stretched IT resources.

MyEPP uses a policy-based approach to enable businesses to manage how data can be used on all endpoints – Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks and more – from a single centralized web console, no matter where those endpoints are located. The SaaS approach gives organizations of any size the ability to:

  • Minimize internal data security threats and reduce the risk of data leakage
  • Control how portable devices and their users interact with corporate networks
  • Centrally and remotely manage the use of any number of devices from anywhere an internet connection is available
  • Create and deploy usage policies without the need for additional hardware or software
  • Benefit from enterprise-class endpoint security without the need for enterprise-level in-house security expertise

My Endpoint Protector benefits include:

  • Protection against data loss, data theft, data leakage and malware infection by controlling the use of portable devices
  • Device management and control by defining specific rights for both devices and users accessing the network
  • Centralized web-based dashboard for ease of management and reporting, plus real-time monitoring of devices and data
  • Device activity logs provide a comprehensive audit trail
  • Easy policy enforcement using customizable templates
  • Offline mode to protect PCs when they’re disconnected from the network, even if the user has administrative rights on that machine

My Endpoint Protector is available now as a subscription service, with introductory prices as low as $2 per PC per month. A free 10-day trial subscription for 3 PCs is available.

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