Altor VF 3.0: VMsafe virtual firewall with intrusion detection

Altor Networks announced the Altor VF 3.0 virtual firewall with integrated intrusion detection.

The Altor VF is the first product to be integrated with VMware VMsafe network APIs in fast-path mode, where security inspections are processed in the hypervisor kernel. As a result, users will benefit from increased performance, achieving approximately ten times greater throughput than virtual firewalls running in a Virtual Machine (i.e., bridge mode), as well as greater security and reduced complexity.

Security policy is applied at an individual-VM level and enforcement of this policy occurs within the Kernel. VMs are protected without requiring security agents on the guest, complicated network reconfigurations, or performance degrading remapping of network flows.

The Altor VF delivers defense-in-depth with virtual-aware intrusion detection for up-to-date protection against emerging threats with a security-signature update service. Purpose-built for the virtual environment, the Altor VF enables secure usage of unique virtualization features, such as vMotion, and provides ease of administration and tight integration with vCenter.

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