New book: “Web 2.0 Architectures”

Web 2.0 is more pervasive than ever, but business analysts and technologists are still struggling to comprehend what it can offer them. So what exactly is it–a marketing term or technical reality?

In Web 2.0 Architectures, authors James Governor, Dion Hinchcliffe, and Duane Nickull put substance behind the phenomenon by identifying the core patterns of Web 2.0, and introducing an abstract model and reference architecture to help you take advantage of them.

Web 2.0 Architectures examines why services such as Google AdSense, Flickr, BitTorrent, MySpace, Facebook, and Wikipedia work. The result is a base of knowledge that developers, business people, futurists, and entrepreneurs can understand and use as a source of ideas and inspiration.

This book reveals:

  • A Web 2.0 model: How the classic Client-Server model evolved into a more detailed Web 2.0 model.
  • Web 2.0 reference architecture: A generic component view of basic Web 2.0 patterns that can be repurposed for other commercial ventures.
  • Specific Web 2.0 patterns: How service-oriented architecture (SOA), Software as a Service (SaaS), participation-collaboration, mashups, rich user experience, collaborative tagging systems (Folksonomy), and more can be used in your business.

If you want to understand what makes Web 2.0 tick, and how it will enhance your business, Web 2.0 Architectures takes you right to the core.

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