Trend Micro’s protection for virtual machines

Trend Micro is expanding its virtualization security portfolio with a content security solution to protect VMware ESX/ESXi environments. Core Protection for Virtual Machines is designed to secure VMware virtual machines, both active and dormant. The product leverages the VMsafe APIs from VMware to offer layered protection through the use of dedicated scanning VMs coordinated with real-time agents within the VM.

Core Protection for Virtual Machines:

  • closes the security gaps unique to virtualized environments. It secures dormant and active virtual machines by providing scanning and pattern updates from a separate scanning virtual machine; and improves the performance profile of virtual servers
  • Provides world-class malware protection by ensuring that virtual machines are secure even when dormant and ready to go with the latest pattern updates whenever activated. Protects active virtual machines against disruptive actions by malware such as Conficker by providing a layer of isolation for the security agent from the machine being scanned
  • Simplifies management by integrating tightly with the VMware management infrastructure, reducing the complexity of managing security within virtual environments. Continuous synchronization with vCenter allows security solution to monitor virtual machine dynamics and manage virtual machine sprawl
  • Is easy to deploy and will seamlessly fit into a Trend Micro OfficeScan deployment, allowing central management from the same OfficeScan console used to manage desktops and physical servers.

Core Protection for Virtual Machines can be deployed standalone or as a plug-in to OfficeScan Client/Server and managed through the OfficeScan console.

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