New software filtering client for laptops

SmoothWall announced the release of Mobile Guardian – a new software filtering client, designed to prevent roaming laptop users from accessing inappropriate and malicious web content. The new software incorporates SmoothWall’s pioneering Dynamic Content Analysis technology which beats less sophisticated URL-based blocking methods by using intelligent algorithms to precisely recognize and classify all undesirable web content in real time.

Key Features:

  • Allows organizations to consistently apply Security and Acceptable Use Policies to all end users
  • Prevents remote users from accessing inappropriate web content and applications
  • Promotes compliance by allowing all users’ web activity to be monitored and logged
  • Automatic Network Detection – when laptops reconnect, filtering and security policies are immediately updated and remote browsing logs uploaded for reporting/audit purposes
  • Becta and CIPA compliant filtering solution.

With malicious sites multiplying in their millions, web security is a serious issue. Until recently, “drive-by’ downloaders and other dangerous malware typically came from sites offering free, adult or illegal content. Now the potential for infection exists across all sites, with cybercriminals specifically targeting topical or popular pages. Worse still, these new and cleverer web nasties no longer need gullible users to let them in – since simply landing on a compromised site is often enough to initiate a download. With unfiltered connections, remote workers are much more likely to pick up these sophisticated strains of spyware and malware, which then worm their way onto networks the instant laptops log back on.

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