Links to Erin Andrews peephole video infect PC and Mac users

Sophos is warning all internet users to be wary of websites claiming to host a controversial nude video of high-profile ESPN reporter Erin Andrews – hackers are using the hype surrounding the hidden camera tape to distribute malware that will infect both PC and Mac computer systems.

The Internet has been abuzz with news that a voyeur had secretly filmed the glamorous US sports reporter through the peephole of her hotel room door. Lawyers working for Andrews said that they will take legal action against anyone distributing the footage, which was taken without her knowledge or consent. However, opportunists and attackers have been quick to set up websites claiming to contain the illicit content, in the hope of driving internet traffic to their websites or infecting innocent victims.

Computer users who visit many of these sites are running the risk of being infected by the OSX/Jahlav-C Trojan horse on Macs, or the Mal/FakeAV-AY Trojan if visiting from a Windows computer. Once an attacker has control of your computer they can steal sensitive information and con unsuspecting computer users into paying for bogus online protection.

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