Splunk 4 supercharges IT search

Splunk announced Splunk 4 which improves an organization’s ability to manage, secure and audit their entire IT infrastructure.

Re-architected and supercharged, Splunk 4 has infused IT search with speed and a customizable user interface. In addition to scalability and manageability improvements, Splunk 4 offers users the ability to create custom dashboards for anyone in fewer than five clicks.

The release also shatters the speed of previous releases with up to 10x faster search and 2x faster indexing, radically enhancing IT issue resolution times and incident investigations, giving users the power to index terabytes per day and search on massive amounts of IT data to deliver results in seconds on low-cost commodity server hardware.

Users now have the power to easily develop and deploy IT apps running on the Splunk engine. An increasingly broad set of apps are becoming available for use from Splunk and Splunk technology partners: examples include enterprise security, PCI compliance, and change management from Splunk, and partner apps for use with F5, VMware, and Blue Coat.

These IT apps expand the utility and value the Splunk engine delivers to customers. In addition, with Splunk 4, users can easily navigate from one installed app to another, for instance, while managing a security incident a user can move from the enterprise security suite app to the change management app to see if a configuration change has impacted an investigation, saving them valuable time.

“Using the same set of data, Splunk 4 provides sysadmins, security analysts, auditors, and CISOs the ability to leverage the custom dashboards, views, or apps they need to get their jobs done. Based on their role, Splunk 4 makes it much easier for them to troubleshoot IT issues, investigate incidents, identify fraud, report on compliance and correlate trends,” said Michael Montecillo, principal analyst, Enterprise Management Associates.

Splunk 4 is available for download here.

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