Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition 6.5 for Mac released

CREDANT Technologies released Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition (CMG EE 6.5), which includes full disk encryption and protection for Mac OS X.

CMG EE v6.5 for Mac extends CREDANT’s data protection to all Mac OS X environments including Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard Systems. The new edition requires no additional IT overhead beyond software deployment, and enables enterprises to secure their Mac environments with the same level of data protection that CREDANT provides for Windows workstations, handheld devices and removable media.

The CMG EE 6.5 release also adds key data protection enhancements in deployment, management and compliance reporting capabilities, all while improving usability and transparency for end users. Additionally, CMG EE 6.5 enables iPhone users to synchronize with their exchange servers securely.

“We have seen a dramatic rise in the number of Macs in corporate environments creating real challenges for enterprises to manage and secure their data.” said Chris Burchett, CREDANT’s CTO and co-founder. “Adding Mac support to the same central management console as used for all other endpoint devices enables our customers to close an important data protection gap, and satisfy the compliance regulations that drive such urgency for data security solutions.”

CMG EE 6.5 for Mac provides comprehensive, seamless support for Mac devices. IT administrators can secure all data across all Mac OS drives while maintaining transparency with existing enterprise applications and IT operations such as data backup and patch management.


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