Portable smart card readers from SCM Microsystems

Smart cards are being used worldwide to secure identities in many applications, such as bank payment cards, employee access badges, government identity cards and healthcare IDs.

SCM Microsystems is expanding its smart card reader product family with three new models. The new handheld, USB or Near Field Communication (NFC) connected readers are designed to be carried – on key rings – and used every day with contact or contactless smart cards, regardless of technology or manufacturer. In many instances, users insert the card and leave it in the reader – leaving them with a single small device for all smart card-related needs.

Many models allow physical access to buildings, too. Cardholders can use the reader to pay more securely or to authenticate their network identities. They can even download discounts or promotion links from NFC smart posters, take them home and load them into a PC.

The new smart card readers are the SCR3500 SmartFold, the SCT3511 and the @MAXX lite. SCM will make them available in August through both OEM and distribution channels.

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