Fingerprint solution for PCs and netbooks from AuthenTec

AuthenTec introduced a family of smart sensor hardware and software solutions designed for new consumer notebook PCs and netbooks. It includes smart fingerprint sensors incorporating LED drivers, lighted LED packaging options, and TrueSuite PC client application software. This solution has been optimized for the forthcoming Windows 7 OS, as well as the Windows Biometric Framework (WBF) integrated within the OS.

AuthenTec’s solution is centered around the new smart sensors for the PC market, including the newly introduced AES1660, and recently announced TrueSuite PC client software. The AES1660 key features include:

  • Integrated LED drivers
  • TrueNav cursor and menu navigation
  • Multiple battery-friendly operating modes
  • Internal current limiter, voltage regulator and clock generator
  • Supports USB2.0 full speed host and SPI Flash memory interfaces.

The sensor incorporates programmable LED drivers supporting 24-bit resolution, or 16 million color options, for flexible lighted LED fading, blinking and color control options.

The TrueSuite client application software simplifies the fingerprint enrollment process enabling one-touch access to a PC user’s favorite Web sites or online social networks, one-touch protection of files and personal information, and the importing of customizable user settings and identities into a notebook PC.

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