Malware protection on USBs from Ironkey and Tresys

IronKey and Tresys announced the integration of IronKey’s FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated secure flash drives with Tresys’ FiST (File Sanitization Tool). This integration provides end-to-end protection for USB devices and data without fear of corruption by common viruses or highly targeted malware attacks.

IronKey’s family of encrypted USB devices delivers secure data-at-rest solutions on the market. Always-on hardware encryption safeguards the most sensitive data on the USB device, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access. IronKey’s active malware defenses start with a trusted supply chain and maintain cleanliness with clean autorun protection, read-only mode and trusted network restrictions.

Tresys’ FiST is an appliance-based kiosk that accesses a USB device and its data in a virtual, controlled and isolated environment to safely handle malicious content without the risk of infecting either the kiosk or other USB devices. FiST conducts deep content inspection and analysis and detects, removes and stores (for forensic analysis) malicious hidden content, viruses and malware from USB devices. In addition, the kiosk includes a single-purpose user interface, secure erasure of USB devices and software for forensic capture.

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