SuperSonic USB flash drive with fast file transfer

BlockMaster launched SafeStick SuperSonic, a USB flash drive that enables users to transfer files and information securely in just a few seconds. The USB revs up to 23Mbyte/s for write and 33Mbyte/s for read, and it only takes between nine and 30 seconds to load. This move is designed to support the huge growth in rich media files, such as images and videos, being transferred onto USB flash drives for business use.

SuperSonic includes:

  • Instantly secure portable data with always-on automatic hardware AES 256 CBC encryption
  • Easy setup, flexible self-service deployment for larger organizations
  • Built to last metal exterior with epoxy potted tamper safe components inside
  • Lock down if left behind using a adjustable timer lock.

The device can be managed through SafeConsole, a web based management solution for managing, auditing, pushing files to, resetting passwords, and applying custom policies to all of an organization’s SafeSticks wherever they are used around the world.

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