Backup and replication for VMware storage

Veeam Software announced version 4.0 of Veeam Backup & Replication. With version 4.0, Veeam will be the first to support new VMware vSphere 4 vStorage technology.

The product offers full native support for VMware vSphere functionality, and includes:

  • Support for thin-provisioned disks, which enables faster full backups and restore of virtual machines
  • The ability to leverage ESX4 changed block tracking for much faster incremental backups
  • Support for virtual applications (vApp), resulting in more flexibility when setting up backup jobs.

The vStorage API is a VMware Consolidated Backup replacement that enables local area network-free backups directly from storage area network storage, without affecting an organization’s production ESX or ESXi hosts.

The solution also includes a new Enterprise Management Server that enables enterprise customers to manage multiple installations of Veeam Backup & Replication through a single web console.

Additional features:

  • Near real-time replication leveraging new vSphere ESX4 functionality to provide five-minute increments to achieve better recovery point objectives
  • Hot VM copy capability to mirror production environments to test lab storage, for datacenter migrations or for ad-hoc backups
  • Backup storage space monitoring with alerts for advanced backup storage capacity planning
  • Replica seeding for the initial replication using removable storage to minimize traffic over WAN.

Pricing for the new version starts at $599 per socket.

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