Protect sensitive information on your Mac with Identity Finder

Unsecured personal and family information leaves users vulnerable to identity theft. Identity Finder Mac Edition automatically discovers social security numbers, credit and debit card information, bank account information, passwords and pin numbers, dates of birth, phone numbers and more that are (often unknowingly) stored on Mac desktops

The software then allows the user to either securely delete or encrypt the sensitive data.

Prevent data loss
Over the past few years, over a quarter billion personal information records were exposed, mostly due to insecure data at rest. Sensitive data can be anywhere and is often buried within long-since forgotten files and archives. Identity Finder automatically finds personal information and confidential data on computers – even when users/ employees don’t know it exists. The results are presented with quick access to sophisticated remediation features, allowing the user to quickly clean the systems.

Protect and comply
A company’s reputation can seriously suffer after a data breach, making it critical to protect personal information and reduce risk. Companies have an obligation to their employees, customers, and partners. Nearly every state has already enacted privacy or data breach laws while significant federal and industry regulations (i.e., HIPAA, PCI, Red Flag Rules, 201 CMR 17.00, etc.) also require compliance with privacy standards.

The price for one computer is $9.95, for three computers is $29.97.

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