New message processing platform from Sendmail

Sendmail introduced Sentrion Message Processing Engine 4.0 – the foundation for the company’s Message Processors, which are available in virtual appliance (Sentrion MPV), hard appliance (Sentrion MP), blade server (Sentrion MPQ), and as a SaaS solution (Sentrion Cloud Services).

Sentrion is designed as a platform for SMTP email infrastructure which can easily be extended by adding email security applications (versus separate point products from different vendors) from Sendmail or other third parties through the industry standard milter interface. Sentrion applications are used at the Gateway for inbound protection from spam, viruses, denial-of-service attacks, phishing attacks and other malware.

In addition to the inbound protection applications, Sentrion provides outbound protection applications for Data Loss Protection (DLP), regulatory compliance such as GLBA and HIPPA, and encryption. The innovative design of Sentrion also enables it to be used internally for policy and directory-driven email routing.

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