Rogue software: BlockDefense

Here is the latest bogus antispyware that’s trying to get your money: BlockDefense. According to Lavasoft Affiliates, the last in a long stream of similar “products” (SaveSoldier, SaveKeep, SaveDefense, itd.), it copies some fake files on your computer and then “scans” it and tells you they’re infected:

Then it proceeds to bombard you with pop-ups that tell you that you’re computer is under attack:

If you still don’t buy it (pun intended), it will impersonate the Windows Security Center:

All of this just to make you click on any of those pop-ups and relieve you of your hard-earned cash by “buying” it.

The BlockDefense additionally blocks your real anti-malware software so it doesn’t detect it, and for additional fun – it starts every time you start your computer.

You can deinstall it manually following these instructions.

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