Tenable releases Virtual Appliance

The Tenable Virtual Appliance replaces the Nessus VM appliance and provides a preinstalled image of all Tenable applications in one interface.

The Tenable Virtual Appliance is available for Tenable customers and is provided for use with VMware Server, VMware Player and VMware ESX Server. Currently, Nessus and Security Center applications are available on the appliance with LCE and PVS to be released soon.

The Tenable applications come pre-installed on the appliance and only require a valid license or activation code to be configured and used. At present, only the Security Center and Nessus are included, but future versions will include LCE and PVS. Although all the applications will be installed on the appliance, the user has the option to only activate the desired application. This facilitates maintenance since only one VM image is required for all the applications.

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