Hitachi ID releases Identity Management Suite 6.1

Hitachi ID released version 6.1 of its identity management suite.

The new release builds on the architecture first introduced in the previous version of the suite and adds new features such as:

  • A new RBAC enforcement engine: When role definitions are changed, this engine automatically adds and removes entitlements to and from users. Also, if administrators change user entitlements out of band, the enforcement engine brings users back into compliance
  • Real-time user provisioning: A new subsystem allows systems of record to trigger automatic provisioning, deactivation and synchronization actions in real time
  • Simplified request user interface: Pre-defined requests allow administrators to create forms for popular requests, such as “Hire a contractor” or “Schedule termination.” Users can then submit change requests without having to navigate through all of a recipient’s identity and access information
  • One stop shop user interface: The new version supports automated, manual and mixed-mode integrations. This allows organizations to deploy Hitachi ID Identity Manager as the single place where users request access changes, regardless of whether a connector has been fully or partially deployed to the system in question
  • Seamless requests for shares and folders: A new client component intercepts “Access Denied” error messages on Windows workstations and allows users to proceed directly to the appropriate access request page.

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