Shavlik updates Security Suite to manage virtual machines

Shavlik Technologies added capabilities that enable the Shavlik Security Suite to manage IT operations for both physical and virtual worlds, including offline virtual machines.

The Shavlik Security Suite allows organizations to apply a single process to ensure machines – physical or virtual – are identified, secured, and managed across their lifecycle.

The Shavlik Security Suite centralizes the management and security of both physical and virtual machines so IT operations and IT security can utilize a single process, single team, and single tool set to discover virtual machines as they are added to an organization’s VMware vSphere 4, VMware ESX, or VMware ESXi infrastructure, ensure the virtual machine operating systems and applications are patched, contain configuration drift, and footprint the virtual machines so administrators have a clear understanding of the resources each virtual machine is consuming from their host server.

The suite is now in public beta, with general availability expected at the end of September.

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