Appweb Embedded Web Server 3.0.0 released

Appweb is an embedded web server for the efficient hosting of web applications and frameworks. Appweb is optimized for hosting dynamic web applications via an event-driven, multi-threaded core to deliver rapid response, fast throughput and effective memory utilization. It is compact and will embed using as little as 800K of memory.

Version 3.0.0 is now available for download and it includes the following major new features:

  • New faster request processing pipeline 2x faster on many operations
  • Enhanced Ejscript web framework for server-side JavaScript
  • Integrated SQLite with database ORM layer
  • Integrated Model / View / Controller web framework
  • Smaller and more modular
  • More flexible build configuration
  • Angel process to monitor Appweb and restart if required
  • Updates for PHP, OpenSSL and MatrixSSL
  • Enhanced and faster CGI using pipes for I/O transfer
  • XML parser for SOAP and RESTful web services
  • Windows CE support
  • FreeBSD support
  • MAC OSX support
  • Windows 7 and Vista suport
  • OpenWrt platform support
  • IPv6 network support (both client and server)
  • Project files for MAC OS Xcode and Microsoft Visual Studio.

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