Quality and compliance website monitoring

SDL Tridion announces the launch of Safeguard, a quality and compliance monitoring tool that automatically scans companies’ websites to expose any issues with search engine optimisation, usability, accessibility, site integrity, legal and brand standards.

Safeguard is a website quality and compliance-monitoring tool powered by Magus ActiveStandards and is integrated with SDL Tridion’s Web Content Management System. By complying with a wide variety of guidelines and rules that communication specialists have created, the tool contributes to improved SEO, visitor experience, usability and brand value.

The tool allows editors to pro-actively validate a page in real-time in the pre-publication staging environment. Safeguard uses a best practice library of built-in checkpoints and each one flags up the issues it specifically looks for – usability, accessibility or SEO – enabling editors to prioritise which errors to correct first. Safeguard also includes reports that make simpler and actionable for managers, editors and technical teams.

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