Encrypted mobile phone calls from anywhere

Cellcrypt Mobile is now available over Inmarsat‘s broadband satellite services, enabling encrypted voice calls to be made on popular smartphones from anywhere for the first time.

Cellcrypt Mobile for Satellite solution provides end-to-end real-time encryption on smartphones, such as Nokias and BlackBerrys, to prevent private conversations from being compromised, enabling individuals within corporations and governments to converse in a highly secure manner without the need for specialized handsets.

Cellcrypt uses real-time encryption to levels specified by the US government. From the same handset, it operates on all major wireless networks including 2G (GPRS/ EDGE), 3G, Wi-Fi and now satellite.

For existing users of Inmarsat’s mobile broadband services – particularly its land-based Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) service – it adds high-strength security as well as the benefit of being able to use a market-leading handset. The same handset can also be used to make secure calls on cellular and WiFi networks adding the convenience of a single device with a single phonebook for all secure calling situations.

Cellcrypt Mobile for Satellite connects WiFi-capable Nokia Symbian S60 and RIM BlackBerry smartphones directly to Inmarsat mobile broadband terminals.

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