Automated lock down for Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM’s System z

Trusted Computer Solutions announced that Security Blanket, the company’s automated lock down solution, is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 operating systems running on IBM System z hardware.

Security Blanket provides mainframe users the ability to centrally manage multiple virtual server configurations, assess their level of security against industry standard security guidelines, and automatically configure their operating systems to a state of lock down. Importantly, the virtual servers can be associated with groups based on common functionality or security requirements, making it simple to manage large virtual environments running on System z.

TCS engaged in IBM’s Systems Application Advantage for Linux program (a.k.a. Chiphopper) for developing and testing Security Blanket on the System z platform and received official Chiphopper Assurance approval. The solution also runs on x86 (both Linux and Solaris), SPARC, and VMWare vSphere.

According to a recent global study commissioned by CA, large enterprises continue to step up their investments in Linux on the mainframe in order to deliver more value to the business while controlling IT costs. The two main reasons cited by respondents for an increase of Linux on the mainframe are the desire to take advantage of computing capacity available on their mainframe’s central processors and their assessment that using Linux on the mainframe would be more cost-effective than other platforms.

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