Time stamping security appliance from Thales

Thales announces version 5 of Thales Time Stamp Server, allowing customers to time stamp electronic records and application software with an even higher level of security and enabling the integrity of information to be validated long after its initial publication.

Time Stamp Server is a standards-based time stamping appliance that supports a wide range of commercial document and software publishing tools such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe LiveCycle Manager and Microsoft Authenticode.

Time Stamp Server 5 includes a security update for support of 4,096 bit RSA keys (NIST recommends using at least 2,048 bit RSA keys for signatures protecting data from year 2010). It is a network-attached, turn-key appliance that combines the ability to act as a tamper-resistant source of trusted time with speed and a digital signing engine.

Unlike software-based systems, in which administrators can easily manipulate time, it keeps accurate time that can be synchronized to external trusted sources and protects time stamping keys with a secure hardware-based security environment validated to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL 4+.

Time Stamp Server can provide time stamps that are highly accurate to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). A mutually authenticated link to the Thales Time Source Master Clock calibrates the appliance with a time attestation certificate.

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