Symantec introduces Norton Internet Security and AntiVirus 2010

Symantec announced Norton Internet Security 2010 and Norton AntiVirus 2010, with a new model of security, codenamed Quorum, to attain detection of new malware beyond traditional signature and behavior-based detection.

Quorum tracks files and applications and dozens of their attributes such as their age, download source, digital signature, and prevalence. These attributes are then combined using complex algorithms to determine a reputation. As a file is distributed across the Internet and these attributes change, Quorum updates the reputation of the file. This reputation is especially important when a file is new, likely to be a threat, and traditional defenses are not likely to detect it.

The Norton Insight family of technologies in the new 2010 products uses online intelligence systems to protect the PC and keep users informed of the security and performance impact of files and applications that they encounter in their everyday online experience:

  • Norton Download Insight – Uses online intelligence systems leveraging reputation to protect your PC. Analyzes and reports on the safety of new files and applications before users install and run them
  • Norton System Insight – Provides features and system information to help keep PCs performing at top speed. Provides a view of recent events on the computer, providing the information required to research and analyze PC issues. Performance graphs help pinpoint what’s causing a computer to slow down
  • Norton Threat Insight – Provides details on threats that have been detected on your PC – including useful information on where it came from (the URL) and when it was initially encountered
  • Norton Insight Network – Based on the Quorum technology, it takes cloud-based security beyond traditional blacklists and whitelists. It uses a statistical analysis of file attributes based on billions of scans on millions of computers to identify the trust level of a file. This way Norton can identify files to be trustworthy or untrustworthy that would otherwise fall into the grey area of the unknown with only traditional security methods.

Additional key technologies:

  • SONAR 2 – Second-generation behavioral security technology that detects entirely new threats based on their suspicious actions, without the need for traditional fingerprints. Leverages data from the reputation cloud, firewall, network communications (IPS), and file attributes such as location on the PC, origin information, etc., to decide when to detect a program as a threat
  • New Antispam (Norton Internet Security only) – Enterprise-grade spam blocking engine helps keep you clear of unwanted email and safe from email-based scams and infections. 20% more effective than the previous engine and requires no training
  • Norton Safe Web (Norton Internet Security only) – Website rating service that annotates Google, Yahoo! and search results with site safety ratings to warn users about sites that may pose a danger to them. It also includes ecommerce safety ratings to help users make safer online shopping decisions
  • OnlineFamily.Norton (Norton Internet Security only) – Norton Internet Security 2010 users can opt to try a subscription to OnlineFamily.Norton, a Web-based service that keeps parents in the loop on their kids online lives and fosters communication about what’s appropriate and inappropriate behavior on the Internet.

Norton 2010 products support Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. All latest versions (2009, 2010) of Norton products including Norton 360, Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus will be Microsoft Windows 7 compatible.

The price for Norton Internet Security 2010 is US$69.99 for a three PC license, and for Norton AntiVirus 2010 is US$39.99 (both of them include a one-year service subscription to use the product and will receive Symantec’s protection updates).

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