OMA DRM 1.0 Client for Android

Cloakware announced a new Open Mobile Alliance compliant Digital Rights Management solution for the secure delivery of digital content across the Android open source platform.

Cloakware’s OMA DRM 1.0 Client for Android features the OMA Content Ingestion Agent, which processes all secure content and licenses similar to Android’s normal file download process. Additionally, the client features the OMA DRM Engine, which responds to requests by device applications for access to OMA secure content for rendering, file management, or peer-to-peer sharing.

The OMA DRM Engine checks for licenses, evaluates the rights language of the license and decrypts the content for the application, working in conjunction with Android software. All mandatory and optional OMA DRM features and several features specifically designed for Android mobile devices are incorporated into the new client, including:

  • Support for all three OMA DRM delivery methods: forward lock, combined delivery, and separate delivery
  • Peer-to-peer sharing and licensing of shared content
  • Support for Android DRM application programming interfaces
  • Advanced encryption features to prevent unauthorized content redistribution
  • Maintenance of rights objects received by the rights issuer
  • Streamlined device integration
  • DRM User Interface that supports 27 languages and localized customizations.

A recent report from Strategy Analytics forecasts that Android will be the operating system of choice for 12 percent of smartphones by 2012, so device manufacturers, application developers and wireless carriers must implement a robust security approach now to mitigate the risks and vulnerabilities associated with open source technology.

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