Intrusion prevention for small and medium enterprises

TippingPoint introduced two new intrusion prevention systems designed to secure network traffic for small and medium enterprises. The TippingPoint 110 and TippingPoint 330 provide security for organizations with remote or branch offices as well as managed security service providers (MSSPs) focused on delivering dedicated protection services for their customers’ assets.

Both solutions provide traffic inspection and filtering using TippingPoint’s Digital Vaccine service to identify and block security threats before they impact the network. Additionally, both products can be managed locally or by using the TippingPoint Security Management System for more robust management and reporting options.

The TippingPoint 110 and 330 products are optimized for performance and reliability at 100 Mbps and 300 Mbps respectively with very flexible deployment options. For perimeter protection, the solutions can be deployed in front of or behind a router/firewall to immediately protect the network and applications from inbound threats. Deployment between network zones provides isolation and protects sensitive zones from internal attacks.

All of TippingPoint’s IPS solutions provide flow inspection through Layer 7 to cleanse Internet and Intranet traffic and eradicate attacks before damage occurs.

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