RF Security Manager for 802.11n networks from Xirrus

Xirrus announced its RF Security Manager for improving security and minimizing the risk in deploying 802.11n wireless networks.

Today’s Wi-Fi networks face a number of potential security threats in the form of rogue access points, ad-hoc clients, unauthorized clients, wireless-based attacks, eavesdropping, etc.

The Xirrus Wi-Fi Array enables the deployment of 802.11n networks with a multi-radio design that integrates a dedicated 24/7 threat sensor. With this threat sensor radio scanning all channels in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrums, RSM searches for security threats and automatically mitigates them. It also incorporates hardware-based encryption/decryption into each Array, delivering line-rate encryption at the edge of the network instead of at a choke point within the centralized controller of traditional Wi-Fi solutions.

The RSM package includes:

  • Wireless IDS/IPS
  • Wireless stateful firewall
  • Line-rate encryption/decryption
  • Security alerts and logging
  • User group policies
  • Authenticated guest access gateway
  • NAC integration
  • PCI audit compliance enforcement.

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