Is your personal information compromised?

TrustedID and Lucid Intelligence announced a partnership that allows U.S. consumers to uncover direct evidence that their personal identity information has been compromised by criminals. Beginning immediately, at StolenID Search, individuals can conduct a free search of compromised data information from the identity trafficking sites criminals use – and help protect themselves from new identity theft risks.

Lucid Intelligence has pioneered the science of uncovering evidence of identity theft on the Internet and actively identifies such activity between criminals and makes the information available directly to the public. It has a database of over 120 million records for over 40 million people who have had their personal information compromised by criminals. Over 95% of the compromised records held by Lucid apply to U.S. residents.

TrustedID complements the capabilities of Lucid Intelligence with IDFreeze identity protection service, that offers over a dozen safeguards, including advanced identity monitoring, computer security and a $1,000,000 limited service warranty.

The search, along with the initial confirmation of a compromise, is provided at no cost. If further information is desired, users can request a complete report and monitoring of the compromised information for a fee of $15.

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