Radware combines IPS and DoS mitigation

Radware announced DefensePro 5, an enhanced version of its intrusion prevention system designed to protect application infrastructure against cybersecurity attacks and emerging zero-minute and non-vulnerability network threats. Leveraging a “booster shot’ feature, it can detect and neutralize security breaches without the risk of blocking legitimate users or bypassing the security engine during attack mitigation.

DefensePro uses a dedicated hardware acceleration engine to offer DDoS attack mitigation up to 10-million PPS. This feature goes beyond current capabilities to process and inspect multi Gbps of legitimate traffic; further preventing lower volume attacks and intrusions without any network latency. It delivers up to 12Gbps of full network traffic inspection and protection against server-based attacks and server intrusions.

Product features:

  • It maintains legitimate user response time even when under attack, by blocking high-volume PPS attacks
  • It offers two solutions (IPS and DoS mitigation) in one box, lowering both the overall costs, and is offered in a pay-as-you-grow on-demand license scheme
  • It provides automatic real-time signatures, enabling organizations to save on redundant operational expenses, such as renting content delivery networks (CDN) when under attack.

DefensePro 5 is available on the OnDemand Switch 3S1 and 3S2 for models x412, ranging from 4Gbps to 12Gbps.


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