Centralized command and control center appliance for environments with no expertise

Proximex announced Proximex C100, a centralized command and control center appliance. Intended for security environments with little or no IT staff or expertise, it offers a guided tour that simplifies setup and comes pre-installed with integration technologies that quickly discover and connect with existing video, access control, video analytics and other devices.

The base unit supports hundreds of sensors as well as operator and administrator workstation clients. Using Integration Modules and pre-defined policy templates, the C100 leverages the PSIM technology found in Proximex Surveillint to connect and correlate security data from disparate systems and elevate important incidents for response. Additional security systems, sensors and clients can be added without loading additional software.

The Proximex C100, companies can manage alarms and incident workflow by automating actions and decisions using Business Logic Manager, eliminating the need for complicated coding. Because it only displays relevant information, operator tasks and procedures can be prioritized depending upon alarm types and conditions. In order to proactively manage security operations, companies can quickly create reports about incidents and security trends for further analysis.

The Proximex C100 centralized command and control center appliance includes hardware, operating system and Proximex Surveillint software. It supports up to 200 sensors, two Integration Modules and two clients. Additional sensors, Integration Modules and clients can be supported for additional fees. The C100 is a server grade component with RAID hard drive redundancy and a short desk 2U rack chassis footprint. The Proximex C100 will have a base price of $30,000.

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