Multi-vendor interoperability of iris recognition technology for Homeland Security

Unisys has demonstrated the ability to use multiple iris recognition technologies in a single system, eliminating the need for the Department of Homeland Security and others to limit its iris recognition capabilities to a single vendor.

Unisys developed the integrated platform under a task order, funded by DHS and awarded under the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Encore I contract, to create a platform allowing customers to use biometric solutions from multiple vendors without being restricted to a particular method of iris identification. This capability gives the government and other clients greater flexibility in order to customize their use of the various iris verification solutions.

The demonstration incorporated iris detection and identification solutions from three leaders in the field: LG Iris, AOptix, and Global Rainmakers.

The LG Iris IrisAccess iCAM4000 was used for the enrollment of the test subjects’ iris data into the system. The LG Iris iCAM H100 handheld prototype device was also used to demonstrate potential mobile applications to capture iris and face image data from non-fixed locations.

The AOptix InSight sensor demonstrated iris identification from a distance of two to three meters. Conventional iris recognition systems have required the subject to accurately place their eyes in a very small capture zone. With the InSight system, the subject stands in a large capture zone, and the sensor does all the work of locating the subject’s eyes for iris biometric imaging.

Global Rainmakers, Inc. HBOX presented the ability to identify individuals in continuous motion. HBOX performs on-the-fly recognition of individuals moving at speeds of up to 1.5 meters per second.

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