Triple-strength protection for Google Apps accounts

TriCipher announced that it has integrated the VeriSign Identity Protection Service to offer secure single sign-on and strong authentication for Google Apps with mobile one-time-password credentials from VeriSign. To promote this capability, TriCipher and VeriSign are offering free strong authentication using VIP mobile OTP credentials to businesses using Google Apps Premier Edition.

TriCipher’s myOneLogin Secure Single Sign-On service helps protect businesses using Google Apps from the risks of phishing and stolen passwords. It uses the SAML federation support offered by Google Apps Premier to support secure single sign-on. And it adds three new layers of security to the Google Apps login:

  • A user-selected security image and message
  • Secure browser-based second factors
  • Secure, out-of-band and roaming authentication using VeriSign VIP Access for Mobile, which turns mobile phones into one-time-password generators.

Customers can extend the service to all of their Web applications by upgrading to the full myOneLogin Secure Single Sign-on service with VIP mobile credentials. Users of the full service can also integrate myOneLogin with internal Active Directory or LDAP directories.

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