VLC 1.0.2 fixes security issue

After almost 2 months and 27 million downloads of VLC 1.0.1, VideoLAN released VLC 1.0.2 introduces many fixes, notably for SSA decoding, v4l2, MacOS interface, ogg/theora, x264 modules and security issues.

When parsing a MP4, ASF or AVI file with an overly deep box structure, a stack overflow might occur. It would overwrite the return address and thus redirect the execution flow.

If successful, a malicious third party could trigger execution of arbitrary code within the context of the VLC media player. Exploitation of this issue requires the user to explicitly open a specially crafted file.

The user should refrain from opening files from untrusted third parties or accessing untrusted remote sites (or disable the VLC browser plugins), until the patch is applied.

Alternatively, the MP4, AVI and ASF demuxer plugins (libmp4_plugin.*, libavi_plugin.*, libasf_plugin.*) can be removed manually from the VLC plugin installation directory.

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