Digital signatures for individuals and small office use

ARX announced CoSign Desktop, a digital signature solution designed specifically for individual and small office use. It provides software and a free digital certificate, enabling individual and small office users to digitally sign and seal Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, and other document formats.

Priced at $9.95/month for an unlimited number of signatures, CoSign Desktop saves money that would normally go on UPS or FedEX charges and accelerates sales cycles. By removing the need to upload files to a third-party website or even be connected to the internet for signing, it makes signing and verifying signatures simpler and keeps confidential agreements confidential.

Additional functionality includes the ability to convert any document into a digitally signed PDF, as well as the capability of digitally signing any standard document format (Word, Excel, Outlook, PDF, TIFF, AutoCAD, InfoPath, etc.)

As a standards-based solution, the digital signatures created by CoSign Desktop reside inside the document permanently, allowing verification by anyone, anytime, anywhere, without the need to download special verification software. Because it is based on secure digital signature technology, CoSign also ensures legal compliance with the rigorous standards of the most tightly regulated industries and geographies. It also means that the signed documents are not tied to any specific vendor with proprietary software that may cease to exist one day, making the signed agreement impossible to verify.

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