Airoscript 2.2 now available

Airoscript is a text-user-interface for aircrack-ng and a great companion for Wi-Fi pentesting. Various attacks are available, such as fragmentation attack, fakeauth, dictionary attacks and WPA cracking.

Changelog for 2.2:

  • Renamed all airoscfoo to
  • Updated licenses on all documents (closes: 618)
  • Bugfixes (lots) on
  • Added for automatising wordlist creation.
  • Added for airoscript configuration modify trought command line
  • Added a initial display message advertising of airoscript use.
  • Added support for airserv-ng
  • Added tkiptun basic support
  • Support for a different interface for injection
  • Added more options to conffile.
  • Compatibility with cygwin
  • Added interactive mode, a more verbose airoscript mode.
  • More flexibility for fake auth stuff when doing other attacks.
  • Some rt61-oriented bugfixes. For instance it now changes the mac correcly.
  • Force user to pay more attention to macs asking to change mac to multiple mac options.
  • Added a “special case” terminal: GUI, so if gui is selected as terminal, airosperl will be executed as described in ticket.

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