Virtualize your database infrastructure

xkoto announced GRIDSCALE 5.1, the latest release of its active-active solution for IBM DB2.

It features a new cluster management system that improves the performance of online transaction processing applications. The product also is available on the Amazon EC2, delivering a cloud-based scale-out solution for DB2.

With it, businesses can eliminate DB2 downtime, implement real-time disaster recovery solutions, and lower the costs for business-critical DB2 databases running on Linux, UNIX and Windows systems.

Until now, traditional clustering technologies were impossible to deploy in the cloud, due to the lack of shared storage and limitations on individual server capacity. This solution’s active-active architecture enables multiple DB2 databases running in the cloud to work together and avoid these limitations. As a result, it can prevent DB2 downtime and enable applications to distribute load across multiple database servers running in the cloud.

The product’s new, patent-pending Cluster Lock Manager delivers reliable scaling and management of transaction-intensive workloads across a pool of independent database servers. It operates completely transparent to an application to isolate and coordinate row-level transactions across disparate database servers.

Other new features include:

  • Automatic database recovery
  • Transparent replacement of non-deterministic database functions
  • Scripted GRIDSCALE Catalog
  • Client redirect
  • Support for Kerberos security authentication.

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