IP retrieval solution for IP data compliance

CopperEye launched a new product that will allow communications operators to add IP data retention and retrieval capabilities to their existing systems.

The IP Retrieval Solution (IPRS) will enable operators that have already complied with the original phase of the EU Data Retention Directive to upgrade their existing telephony data solution to also incorporate IP data, which the second phase of the Directive has mandated.

The EU DRD requires all operators within the EU to retain the IP communications data of all its subscribers for up to 18 months for use in the event of a criminal investigation. Fixed and mobile telecommunications operators were already required to retain telephony data, and now all communications operators, which include ISPs, must also retain IP data relating to the details of their subscribers’ communications.

Key features of the product include:

  • Plug and play integration with legacy telephony databases
  • High ingest, search and retrieval speeds for billions of communications records
  • Secure retention of data with standards-based retrieval for local enforcement organizations.

The IPRS also supports other types of transactional data, such as gaming activity, security event logs, utility readings, trading transactions and Automatic Identification System data for vessel tracking.

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